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Wireless hand-held remote load positioning control has been approved by NASA for use with the Hydra Set® Precision Load Positioner.

A wireless remote load positioning control system has successfully completed NASA certification testing for use with the Hydra Set® Precision Load Positioner. The system provides a safe, remote means for controlling the mating or de-mating of valuable loads up to 55-Tons with exacting precision.

The Hydra Set Load Positioner, placed between the load and the crane or hoist, can now be remotely operated to safely and reliably position critical loads to within 0.001 inch (.025mm). The unit ensures protection from damage to sensitive, expensive components, instantly indicating any resistance to the load's linear travel caused by binding or chafing of the load against unsuspected obstacles or obstructions.

The new hand-held control permits wireless operation with instant data feedback of load weight, linear travel distance, weight deviation, battery status, and many other conditions. The wireless unit can be operated from a distance of up to 1,000 feet (305 meters) from the positioner.

Since 1965, Del Mar Avionics has supplied more than 3,000 Hydra Set Precision Load Positioners worldwide for aerospace; commercial aviation; military; nuclear and fossil fuel power generation; shipbuilding; railway and other heavy industry applications.

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