The Gold Standard for Positioning Valuable Loads

HydraSet Logo Since 1965, the Hydra Set Load Positioning System has been the gold standard for the precise vertical control of heavy loads over a wide variety of applications and industries. The main advantages of the Hydra Set over alternative methods include:

  • Elimination of damage to expensive loads and support fixtures
  • Creation of a safer work environment
  • Improvement of productivity through decreased labor costs

Choose from 13 standard models with capacities from ½ (453.6 kg) ton to 300 tons (272,000 kg) and from four methods of operation: manual, pneumatic, electro-hydraulic and wireless. Your crew can safely and efficiently operate the Hydra Set to precisely position loads in vertical increments of 0.001-inch (0.025mm).

Hydra Set Wireless Remote Control System

Hydra Set Precision Load Controller The Wireless Remote Control System permits the Hydra Set to be controlled from a position up to 1,000 feet (305 meters) from the device. It contains all the electronics, motors and radio transceivers for controlling precise load movement.

Load Controller mounted on the Load Positioner, the Load Controller raises or lowers a load in response to commands transmitted from the operators Hand-Held Unit.



Positive Fluid Retention System

Hydra Set Remote Control Console Positive Fluid Retention System (PFRS)
Some Hydra Set models may be configured to ensure positive retention of fluids via encapsulation and pressurization of the unit. Combined with a remote control console (pictured here), the PFRS is used in cleanroom environments to protect spacecraft or other critical components from contaminations.

Models / Technical Specifications
ISO 9001 Download Brochure    |    ISO 9001 Download General Specification Hydra Set with Load Cell

General Specification Overview
Model Capacity Overall Length Retracted
O-LC 1/2 ton 453.6 kg 25.2 in 64.0 cm
A-LC 1 ton 907.2 kg 29.5 74.9 cm
B-LC 2 1/2 ton 2,268.0 kg 29.5 in 74.9 cm
C-LC 5 ton 4,535.9 kg 31.7 in 80.5 cm
D-LC 10 ton 9,071.9 kg 36.0 in 91.4 cm
E-LC 20 ton 18,143.7 kg 46.1 in 117.1 cm
ES-LC 25 ton 22,679.6 kg 46.1 in 117.1 cm
F-LC 50 ton 45,359.2 kg 55.8 in 141.7 cm
FS-LC 55 ton 49,896.0 kg 55.8 in 141.7 cm
DHS-75 75 ton 68,038.9 kg 78.5 in 199.4 cm
DHS-150 150 ton 136,077.7 kg 90.4 in 229.6 cm
DHS-250 250 ton 226,796.2 kg 100.1 in 254.3 cm
DHS-300 300 ton 272,400.0 kg 100.1 in 254.3 cm
Standard models (O through D) are furnished with an eye-type upper connector and a \\'D\\'-shaped lower connector. Standard models E, ES, F and FS are furnished with \\'D\\'-shaped upper/lower connectors. Standard DHS models (75 through 300-ton) are furnished with shackle-type connector and safety hook lower connector.

Please note: Hydra Set Precision Load Positioners are available with special eyes, hooks, connectors, longer or shorter stroke lengths and other variables. Ask us about special requirements.

How Hydra Set Works
How Hydra Set Works
Hydra Set FAQs

Since its development in 1960, Hydra Set has undergone several design changes to improve safety, accuracy and ease of operation. There are approximately 3,000 Hydra Set Load Positioners currently in use throughout the world.

Yes, detailed operating instructions and preventative maintenance instructions are provided with each Hydra Set.

No. With a minimum amount of practice, anyone can achieve micro-linear load movement without special instruction or training.

Yes, it will function in any position from vertical to horizontal.

A. Five times rated capacity. As an example, a Model �C� Hydra Set, with a capacity of 5 tons (10,000 lbs.), is designed so that all load-bearing components will accommodate a 50,000 lb. load.

A. The load gauge display is accurate to within ½ of 1% of rated capacity for Models â��Bâ�� thru DHS-300, and to within 1% of rated capacity for Models â��Oâ�� and â��Aâ��. Load gauges on load cell-equipped load positioners provide accuracies of approximately .05% of rated capacity.

A load equal to at least twenty-percent (20%) of rated capacity is necessary for proper operation of the Hydra Set. For loads less than 20%, a �dummy load� is hung between the Hydra Set and the primary load to obtain the minimum load requirement, or the return force may be reduced by bleeding off nitrogen from the accumulator.

A. 12-inches (30.5 cm) is the standard stroke on all standard models. Any stroke length of 2 inches or more can be furnished on special orders.

A. This dial is called the Return Force Gauge. It indicates the return force in pounds (not PSI), or the force in pounds beneath the piston to return the piston and piston rod to its fully retracted �UP� position automatically after the load has been placed into position and removed from the lower connector.

A. The upper chamber of the outer cylinder, called the Accumulator, is charged with nitrogen through a valve in the top, right-hand side of the Hydra Set. A charge of nitrogen that moves the Return Force Gauge�s indicator needle to the first numbered index mark is sufficient to properly operate the device.

A. Yes, it assures a pressurized �loading� or �priming� of the �UP� pump with the Hydra Set in any position.

A. No. A return force pressure equal to approximately one-third of the gauge range between �0� and the first numbered index mark will provide minimal operation of the �UP� pump with loads weighing up to 20% of the Hydra Set�s rated capacity. For normal operation, the Accumulator should be charged with nitrogen so that the needle points to the first numbered index mark on the Return Force Gauge.

A. It forces hydraulic fluid from the outer cylinder into the inner cylinder, causing the piston head and piston rod to rise (retract) with each stroke of the �UP� pump handle.

When opened, it meters hydraulic fluid from beneath the piston head in the inner cylinder into the outer cylinder. It functions on a �throttle� principle: the more that the valve is opened, the faster the rate of descent of the load.

For Models �O� through �FS�, use MIL-H-5606A (Aeroshell 4) hydraulic fluid; for all DHS- Models, use �Tellus 46� (Shell Oil Co.).

It becomes a positive mechanical link. Proof loading of the Hydra Set, at 2-times the unit�s rated capacity, should be performed only with the piston/piston rod in the full down position.

Two (2) Control Lanyards, consisting of light-weight nylon-covered steel cable, are provided. Each cable is 50-feet in length, and is attached to the UP and DOWN control handles with positive connections

There are 13 standard capacities available, from ½-ton (450 kgs.) to 300-tons (272,000 kgs.); however, the Hydra Set can be furnished by special order in any capacity and/or stroke length, and/or with special upper/lower connectors.

Yes, the Hydra Set is operated by many users as a rigging device, strain gauge, crane/hoist scale and/or portable testing device.

A. Yes. Using the hoist, lower the Hydra Set (with the piston retracted) so that the part to be removed can be attached to the Hydra Set�s lower connector. While holding the �DOWN� handle open, raise the Hydra Set with the hoist until the piston rod is extended a sufficient distance to raise the part clear of the assembly. Pump the Hydra Set�s �UP� handle to raise the part until it is clear of the assembly. Make sure that the reading in the load gauge does not exceed the rated capacity of the Hydra Set.

A. Yes. The rugged Hydra Set is field-proven to function properly in the toughest conditions of dust, sand, moisture, corrosion and temperature change. After exposure to moisture and dirt, it is necessary to extend the piston rod and clean/dry it and other exterior components prior to storage.

It is recommended that a Hydra Set�s static and moving O-rings be replaced whenever the load positioner exhibits an un-commanded "droop" of 0.005 inches (0.125 mm) or more over a 1-hour test period.

A. In 1998, the round analog load gauge was replaced by the rectangular digital load gauge to provide more �readable� accuracy and safety. On overhaul or repair, should an analog gauge require replacement, it will be replaced by a digital load gauge.

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